There is no way that tourism will continue to prosper without damaging local environments, cultures, and economies: Banning of Tourism Case Study, UniS, UK

University University Of Surrey (UniS)
Subject Banning of Tourism

There is no way that tourism will continue to prosper without damaging local environments, cultures, and economies on which it solely depends. It is not a wonder that Pahipau, a Hawaiian activist said “To all tourists, I beg you, please do not come to Hawaii. Tourism is killing us, it is literally sucking the life out of us” Tourism is haunting the world in various ways because there seems to be little concern for the negative effects it is having on the environment, cultures, and economies.

Because of tourism, the world has had cultural transformations involving the merging and alterations of different cultures and in some instances totally erasing certain cultural practices.

It is glaring that tourism comes with the destruction of the environment, to be exact, pollution of air, water, and landscapes (Croall, 1995). As if the above is not enough, the pressure that tourism exacts on natural habitats and endangered species outweighs its benefits.  If tourism goes unchecked, I fear it will continue to degrade the planet.

Moreover, because of tourism, there is inflation that occurs resulting from increased demand for goods and services by tourists. Local people have to pay highly for goods such as food, rent, and transport, to mention but a few, that would have been priced fairly without tourists. Radical changes have to be made to laws, attitudes, and behaviors, otherwise, the consequences of tourism are too severe. The motive of this thesis is to scrutinize the effect of tourism on local environments, economies, and cultures and advocate for its debarment rather than its continuity.

Because tourism is such an important aspect of the world today, several researchers have tried to define it.  Charles and Brent (2012) defined tourism as an art or a science that involves attracting, transporting, lodging, and catering to the needs of visitors. It is worth noting that the said visitors can be either foreign or local nationals. Tourism is characterized by 4 different perspectives namely;

  • Tourists, the people visiting.
  • Businesses providing services to tourists.
  • Governments of both the hosting country and the country of origin.
  • The host community.

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