Requires you to create a two-part electronic poster, drawn from your group work on an ongoing: Operating Department Practice Case Study, WGU, UK

University Wrexham Glyndwr University (WGU)
Subject Operating Department Practice

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss how key health and social factors combine to result in complex health and care needs
  • Compare and contrast your professional knowledge, skills, and evaluation of assessment and treatment planning for people with complex health and care needs, to those of other professions

This task requires you to create a two-part electronic poster, drawn from your group work on an ongoing case study in order to address the learning outcomes above. More guidance can be found below, and in a screencast and FAQs in the Assessment section of the Blackboard site.

To successfully complete this assessment task, you will be required to work collaboratively in your pre-assigned seminar groups, collaborating to produce a holistic assessment of complex needs in an assigned case study, and to devise an integrated plan of intervention, drawing out themes of collaborative and person-centered teamwork.

You will be required to produce evidence of your collaboration through participation in online forums such as PebblePad, Padlet, Google Communities, Zoom, WhatsApp, Blackboard Groups, or Blackboard Collaborate, etc. Two examples will be needed. These can be evidenced as links or QR codes

combined to result in complex health and care needs in their situation. You should share what EACH of your professions would be contributing AND compare and contrast your professional skills, knowledge, and perspectives and discuss how you would work together collaboratively in order to develop a coordinated and integrated, person-centred plan for the person in your case study.

Your poster should therefore incorporate two key elements.

Element One

In the first element, you should focus on the key health and social factors as identified through your teamwork (LO1)

Element Two

The second element should demonstrate how you would work collaboratively to develop a coordinated and integrated person-centred plan.  (LO2)

The key advice is that a poster is a visual summary; bullet points are NEEDED here, rather than full sentences and points should be summarised rather than repeating all the case information without selecting what is “key”. And the points made should be supported by academic and professional sources as with any other assignment in an honors degree.

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