Pick a sensor with an application in mind and research online material: Wireless Sensor Systems Coursework, UK

University University of York (UOY)
Subject Wireless Sensor Systems

Part 1: Working Principle of Sensor 5%

Pick a sensor with an application in mind and research online material on this sensor and application. It is recommended that you use a variety of sources, online white papers, tutorials, research papers from Google Scholar, etc.

Describe the working principle of your sensor. Use technical terms, equations, references and any relevant figures that may help to describe how the sensor work. Later in part 2, you will be asked to compare 3 sensors that can monitor the same physical phenomena in your application. If they use different working principles you may decide to describe more than one working principle in this part 1.

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Part 2: Comparison of Sensors 5%

Very often engineers have an application in mind and a physical phenomenon that they would like to measure. When choosing a sensor from the marketplace there is usually a wide range of sensors that differ in the working principle, size, interfacing, price, features, accuracy, errors, calibration, etc. There is also the decision of choosing just the sensor and integrating it into a board with a processing unit, wireless communication chip, etc versus going for an integrated system-level solution with integrated data logging, data communication, etc.

Choose 3 sensors in the marketplace and compare them taking into account how suitable they would be for the application you have in mind.

Part 3: Application and Networking of Sensors 5%

You have now described how your sensor work and compared some sensors in part 1 and part 2. Describe the application you have in mind in part 3 and how you would network some of these sensors to collect information in a wide area. Describe important metrics and rationale for these, such as how far apart are sensors from each other, the information they will report and how often, which is data rate expected, etc. Finally, describe which one of the IoT technologies you have studied you would choose.

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