Pearson BTEC Level 3 AME/(Development of Technical Knowledge) Unit 4 Project Planning, procedures and Specification Assignment 2, UK

P2. prepare a project specification P3. agree and prepare the procedures that will be followed when implementing the project P4  use appropriate techniques to evaluate three potential solutions
| 14th May 2024

Managing a Professional Engineering Project, BTEC Level 4 Assignment, UCLan, UK

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria LO1:- Formulate and plan a project that will provide a solution to an identified engineering problem P) Select an appropriate engineering based project,
| 9th May 2024

EG55P7 Final Assignment : Process Plant Equipment & Operations, AU, UK

1). You are initially tasked with developing a basic process control strategy that ensures the safety and operability of this plant and maintains important process variables close to normal operating
| 8th May 2024