List your variables for the system put them into linked pairs and Please provide the list of variables and pairs: Business Studies Case Study, UOWL, UK

University University of West London (UoWL)
Subject Business Studies


i) List your variables for the system,

ii) put them into linked pairs. Please provide the list of variables and pairs in your report.

ii) Draw a full Causal Loop Diagram for the problem situation or system described below in the case study. Show for each loop whether it is reinforcing or balancing. Do a draft or rough versions first and please include these as photos, and finally the full neat, finished version in your report. (10%)

iii) Fully describe each of the main loops, parts or areas of the system, as represented by your diagram. Describe their behaviour, and what determines this. Then explain how these major parts interact and make up the system as a whole, and so determine the overall system’s behaviour. Include in your description the interactions or links between the variables within loops and between loops.  Advice and feedback on and help with this part will be provided.


Now move from your Causal Loop Diagram (CLD) to a Stock and Flow Model of this system – so translate one into the other – so use the CLD as the basis for this second representation or model. We would call this first version of the stock and flow model, the Baseline Model.
i) Build up and draw your stock and flow diagram – first do one or more draft versions, and
then implement your model using iThink software, and so create a final neat version. Please
include all these versions of your model, as diagrams, clearly labelled, in the report.

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