LD4043: develop your creative thinking as future managers and should be visually engaging: Organisational Behaviour and Practice Coursework, DMU, UK

University De Montfort University (DMU)
Subject LD4043: Organisational Behaviour and Practice

Assessment Element One: Research poster to be submitted in week 10 of our module – 25%

You will design an A3 size research poster in MS Powerpoint that provides an overview of your planned essay assignment focus (see Element Two below).

The poster is intended to develop your creative thinking as future managers and should be visually engaging using images and carefully worded and designed text

The poster should detail:

  • the chosen organisation and reason(s) for selection
  • your chosen paradigm position
  • two topics chosen from the weekly sessions and explanation of the inter-relations between the two topics
  • your chosen organisation’s behaviour/practices


  • Gender
  • Culture and Organization
  • Rationality, organisation and bureaucracy
  • Innovation, management and organisation
  • Group and teams at work
  • Power, control alienation
  • Ethics
  • Radical structuralism, exploitation and conflict

You should provide alongside, a list of academic references cited within body of the poster (excluded from the word count)

You will receive feedback on this from your tutor, with a mark given, which will account for 25% of your final mark. The poster word limit is 600 words.

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Assessment Element Two: A 3000-word structured essay (ie. using headings and sub-headings) that uses organisation theory from one paradigm perspective and across two topic areas to critically analyse the behaviour and practices of a chosen organisation – 75%

  • Explain why your selected paradigm is most suited for understanding the organisation (you should take into account organisational stakeholders such as organisational owners, customers and employees)
  • Explain why you have selected the two topics that you have and what the inter-relationship between the two is
  • Critically analyse your chosen case organisation in relation to two inter-related topics covered in the module
  • Use organisation theory about the topics to critically analyse selected behaviours and practices in the chosen organisation. You should use multi-stakeholder evidence (e.g. management statements on the corporate web-site, press-reports and employee/ex-employee statements on rating sites) to support your critical analysis

Based upon your critical analysis, you should identity three practice-focused recommendations for the organisation (use the template provided below).

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