IMAT5211: You are required to write a report, based on a critical analysis of your organization: E-Commerce Systems Report, DMU, UK

University De Montfort University (DMU)
Subject IMAT5211: E-Commerce Systems

As an individual, you are required to write a report, based on a critical analysis of your organization. Your report should include the following:

  1. Business Overview: Provide an introduction and business overview of your organization including the: name, vision and mission, products/services, targeted customers, and organizational structure (in the form of a diagram).
  2. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the current state of your organization, in relation to the application of e-commerce. Present your results in a 2 X 2 matrix table.
  3. Discuss the following key elements of your organization’s business model:
    1. Value Proposition
    2. Revenue Model
    3. Market Opportunity
    4. Competitive Environment
    5. Competitive Advantage
  1. Online marketing has been transformed by social, mobile, and local marketing.
    1. Explain how your organization applies online marketing to reach its targeted market, using the Social Marketing Process.
    2. Discuss how mobile and local marketing may support the social marketing process of your organization.
    3. What recommendations can you propose for your organization to improve its effectiveness in using social marketing?
  1. Select any four (4) unique features of e-commerce, and discuss the ethical, social, and/or political implications for your organic

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