If a child cannot be found by their teacher/support worker/lunchtime: Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment, OC, UK

University The Open College (OC)
Subject Teaching Assistant Level 3


If a child cannot be found by their teacher/support worker/lunchtime supervisor, the headteacher must be notified immediately and told when and where the child was last seen. Time is of the essence and prompt actions must be taken by all The remaining children will be left safe in the care of suitable staff.

All other staff available will conduct a thorough search of the child’s classroom, play area, toilets, the school building and the grounds
If the child is not found within a very short period of time, the police must be called by the head teacher or a member of staff Members of staff, who are not supervising children, will be sent to search the area in the immediate vicinity of the school If a child goes missing during an outing or school visit, the teacher in charge must ensure the remaining children are safely cared for by the other staff and adults.

An urgent but thorough search should be made of the immediate vicinity and if the child is not found quickly the police must be called and the headteacher notified. If in an enclosed space the appropriate staff in that environment can be initially informed before calling the police, for instance to give a message over the tannoy As soon as possible, the parents and social worker (where appropriate) will be notified that their child is missing If a member of staff finds the child the headteacher must be told at once. Parents, police and other authorities will be notified The headteacher will investigate how the incident occurred and will take appropriate action to ensure that similar events do not happen again.

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