Explain your role and responsibilities in relation to relevant principles, legislation: Adult and social care, Assignment, UWL, UK

University University of the West of London( UWL)
Subject Adult and social care

1.1 Explain your role and responsibilities in relation to relevant principles, legislation and codes of practice and upholding individuals’ rights.

1.2 Describe the main purpose and principles of relevant legislation and codes of practice relating to mental capacity.

1.3 Explain the interaction between the principles of relevant legislation and codes of practice and identify how the principles of legislation and codes of practice empower individuals to maintain autonomy.

1.4 Describe factors that influence an individual’s mental capacity and ability to express consent.

1.5 Describe the relationship between an individual’s mental capacity, consent, choice, and safety

1.6 Define the term ‘valid consent’ 2.1 Explain why it is important that you gain an individual’s consent when providing care and support.

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2.2 Explain how your personal values and attitudes can influence your perceptions of situations and of individuals’ capacity.

2.3 Describe the strategies and skills that you can use to maximise individuals’ capacity to make decisions.

2.4 Explain your role in identifying when an assessment of capacity may be required.

2.5 Describe the steps to take if consent cannot be readily established and your role in this process.

3.1 Define the term ‘restrictive practice’ and give 4 examples of restrictive practice in care settings.

3.2 Explain the importance and impact of seeking the least restrictive option for individuals

3:3 Explain how to raise concerns when restrictions appear out of proportion with evident risk

3.4 Explain your workplace policies and procedures

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