Explain why you consider each example as a market anomaly/market bubble: Financial Behaviour Case Study, UOL, UK

University University of London (UOL)
Subject Financial Behaviour

PART 1: Financial markets anomalies and financial bubbles


  • Find 3 examples of ANY market anomalies or market bubbles from ANY real financial market;
  • Explain why you consider each example as a market anomaly/market bubble;
  • Provide your understanding of the situation, highlighting the possibilities that could help to avoid the consequences (should we avoid the positive consequences?) of a market anomaly/market bubble.
  • Compare the analyzed examples, explaining opportunities to identify the formation of market anomalies/market bubbles in advance and not allowing them to happen (if possible).

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 PART 2: Fake news and information manipulation in the financial environment


  • Make a selection of fake news (3 or more) in ANY financial market.
  • Analyse the common features of your selected examples.
  • Suggest how to identify fake news „upon their arrival“ to the public and prevent their negative (or positive?) influence.
  • Discuss 6 examples of information manipulation you have ever experienced and explain your behaviour in each situation.

PART 3: Cognitive and emotional biases and their influence on decision making


  • Choose 3 cognitive and emotional biases that influence your behaviour most of all.
  • Discuss your decisions under the influence of your selected biases. Are they all the time rational? How could you change your behaviour, applying all knowledge gained during this module?

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