Evaluate the sociological explanations related to your life chances and Explain the relationship between your health: Health and social care Case Study, UOG, UK

University University of Greenwich (UOG)
Subject Health and Social care

Task 1:

  • Evaluate the sociological explanations related to your life chances.
  • Explain the relationship between your health, social class, gender, ethnicity, and age.
  • In your evaluation, you may also consider how other social factors such as geographical location and educational achievement have also affected your health status.

Task 2:

For this task you will need to refer closely to the two case studies below:

  • Identify what are the health patterns in each of the case studies.
  • Examine how the biomedical and social models explain these health patterns

Evaluate how the three main sociological approaches (consensus, conflict, and social action theory), explain the differences in health patterns

Case Study

Jess is 34 and unemployed. She lives in private housing – a one-bedroom basement flat in an urban area, with her two children: Ollie, aged 5, and Cameron, aged 7.  The flat has some problems with dampness and has no garden.  Jess was brought up in care and fears social workers will try to take her children away, so she tries to avoid contact with social services.  She has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse and has also suffered from depression.  Jess has persistent stomach complaints and her children have had impetigo and dental problems.  Jess has low levels of literacy and finds handling money problematic – her GP has given her foodbank tokens, but she often finds herself and her children hungry. Both her children suffer from asthma and the teacher at Cameron’s school is concerned about his poor progress with regard to reading, as his schooling has been disrupted by frequent absences related to hospital admissions.

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