EFIMM0057: Research methods and marketing metrics Thesis Proposal, UOB, UK

University University of Bristol (UOB)
Subject EFIMM0057: Research methods and marketing metrics


Over the course of the unit, students will be encouraged to identify a marketing problem and formulate a research question and set of research objectives (ILO1).

Students will then compose a research proposal which contains a brief outline of the background of the issue, a short literature review, a statement of the research question, research objectives and proposed methodology, including reflection on limitations (ILO1, 2, 3, 4).

Link between this Research Methods assignment and the Summer TB3 Dissertation

Students on the MSc Marketing were given the Topic Guidebook in November and made a topic selection before Christmas, which will underpin their dissertation topic, to be completed during the summer (TB3). This Research Methods unit (TB2) provides an opportunity for MSc Marketing students to think in more depth about their subject area and will help them develop skills such as the development of a Research Question, Research Aims, Philosophical stance, Research Methodologies, Methods and Analysis, all of which will be useful when undertaking their dissertation. Hence, it is usually beneficial for students to focus the Research Methods proposal (this assignment) on the same topic area as their intended dissertation (which will be completed in the summer). AEP students will be able to align their research methods assignment with the broad area of focus of their AEP, particularly using the opportunity to become familiar with relevant literature and to think through appropriate methods.

There is no requirement to adhere to the plans set out in this proposal for the research methods assignment when developing the dissertation research, or even to use the same research topic area, however there are a number of advantages in doing so:

  • Through the literature review, it allows students to start to understand some of the key papers in their research area.
  • This means students will be starting their dissertation with a good basis of knowledge of the discussions within their research area
  • Students will have had a chance to evaluate and reflect on what research methods may best suit their dissertation
  • Students will have had feedback from their Research Methods unit assignment which they can take forward to their dissertation.

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