ELEC340: At the conclusion of your year 3 project, you will need to write an individual report, sometimes called: Engineering Thesis, UOL, UK

University University of Liverpool (UOL)
Subject ELEC340 Engineering Thesis

Guidelines for the thesis / final report: ELEC340 & ELEC440

At the conclusion of your year 3 project, you will need to write an individual report, sometimes called a thesis or dissertation. These notes are intended to help you with planning and writing your final report.

The objective of writing a report is to convey information to the reader. In the case of the Final Year Project (FYP) or year 3 MEng Thesis, the readers will be your Supervisor and Assessor although in certain cases your reports will also be read by the External Examiners.

The report serves as a personal record of your background preparation (reading and design), experimental and theoretical work. The Supervisor/Assessor/Examiner will read your report to assess your understanding of the project, your competence in carrying it out and the accuracy of your results and conclusions. She/he will also assess your competence in report writing.

Sources of information:
The primary sources of information for your project are:
(i) Background reading and/or literature search (Textbooks/Research Journals/Datasheets/Application
notes/Internet). These must be cited as References (see below)
(ii) Your Project Supervisor
(iii) The results of your work

You should also include a copy of your original project specifications and verification table.

Your work packages, deliverables, milestones, and Gantt chart should be included as appendices, Please use this as a benchmark for your project – Discuss if/how you achieved all you promised. What changes did you have to make and why?

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