Describe the type of each of the following variables. i. Pulse 1 ii. Ran iii. Activity: foundation maths Course Work, UO, UK

University University of Oxford (UO)
Subject foundation maths

Question 1 [12 marks]

This question uses the PULSE data that you used in Practical 2.
a) Describe the type of each of the following variables.
i. Pulse 1
ii. Ran
iii. Activity

b) What is the mean weight of the females?

c) What is the interquartile range of the heights of the males?

d) Examine boxplots of Pulse 1 for men and women and make two comments (about two different aspects).

e) Examine the boxplots of Pulse 1 for the different activity levels (ignore the 0 value). What conclusion can you draw?

f) Compare the average weight of smokers and non-smokers. What can be concluded?

g) Look at dotplots of Pulse 2 for the two values of the Ran variable. Write down two comments, one for each value of the Ran variable.

h) Create a single small image (a single Minitab output) that contains two separate histograms for males and females for Weight, so that someone could use this to compare weights of males and females.

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