Describe how to challenge those not working inclusively in a way that promotes change: level 3 certificate in health and social care Assignment, OSC, UK

A1 Describe how to challenge those not working inclusively in a way that promotes change.

Provide detailed information to describe ways to effectively challenge practitioners to work inclusively.

A2 To achieve the A grade you must show evidence of wider background reading or use of sources.  You must use a minimum of 2 traceable references and include an accurate reference list (bibliography) at the end of the assessment task.

Referencing should support discussion and analysis.

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A*1 Evaluate the role of the health and social care practitioner in meeting individuals’ needs through inclusive practice.

Evaluation of the practitioner’s role in meeting individual needs through inclusive practice must demonstrate understanding of:

  • inclusive practice
  • practitioner’s role/responsibility when supporting inclusive practice
  • factors that enable inclusive practice
  • challenges to inclusive practice.

Valid judgements must be included to support the evaluation.

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