CSI_6_CTM: It is expected that you conduct research into modules, themes, and content material for potential use in the site, Content Management Systems and Development Frameworks, Coursework, LSBU, UK

University London South Bank University (LSBU)
Subject CSI_6_CTM: Content Management Systems and Development Frameworks


  • Practical work

It is expected that you conduct research into modules, themes, and content material for potential use in the site; this should include core modules to start with. You need to understand the structure of the CMS. All individual work of this kind should be described here, under the following headings:

  • Analysis of the requirements

This needs to include an analysis of the requirements (user needs). The overall requirements can be specified, but more detailed and related to each user, in a form of use cases, also need to be provided.

  • User roles and permissions

You need to identify different types of users (roles) and what permissions they will be/are given. Justify your decisions and link them to the use cases. The degree to which user roles, appropriate to the case study have been defined together with their permissions to allow users to do what they need to do and no more.

  • Functionality (core plus modules installed)

Give details of how you have achieved specific functionalities. Describe any problems with the modules you have installed and get them to work. Evaluate how good they are at what they do. Although it is most likely that you will want to look at modules related to the required site functionality, if you find something that interests you and can be used to extend the site even though it is not specified in the task, you can do so and document it here. The degree to which the site meets the requirements outlined in the case study including the required functionality, appropriate appearance, and usability for the client.

  • Themes used

To start with, explain what layout/presentation/design you are aiming for and for what reason (justify your decisions). Give details of all themes you tried out and assess if they match your aimed design and their suitability for the site. If you experiment with creating your own subtheme or hacking the theme files of an existing theme, document this here. State to what extent you have achieved what you wanted to achieve.

Criteria: The mark will reflect the degree to which theming techniques have been used to style and layout the site appropriate to the case study. You will be rewarded for sophisticated approaches that explore the possibilities Drupal offers and also for simple but effective solutions.

  • Demo

The remaining 10 marks will be awarded for the demo given. This is overall professional look and completeness of the web application.

  • Evaluation of the software]

You need to critically evaluate the software you have used addressing the general criteria and its ability to specifically implement your scenario requirements

Scenario specific criteria:

  • Suitable templates available
  • Required modules available and functioning well
  • Easy/hard to achieve desired outcomes

Any other issues/qualities

General criteria:

  • Ease of use, learning curve
  • Templates – quality and range of available templates
  • Modules – quality and range of available modules
  • Documentation quality and community support
  • How easy it is to change core elements (this implies coding within the files)
  • Any other qualities/weaknesses

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