COS5028-B Investigate UCI’s “Solar Flare Dataset” to have basic understanding of their significance and meaning: Artificial Intelligence Coursework, UOB, UK

University University of Bradford (UOB)
Subject COS5028-B Artificial Intelligence

Problem statement

The protection of important space and ground infrastructures from extreme solar radiation requires the development of efficient AI systems to predict in advance the occurrence of such events. For this coursework, your aim is to study one type pf solar flares (C, M, or X-class) and develop an AI system that can investigate the sunspots responsible for their occurrence.

You will need to process the “Solar Flare Dataset” to extract the information relevant to you. You can then develop your own AI system covering the training and testing stages. You may choose to follow a different route and investigate the evolution of sunspots to identify any evolution patterns that can lead to solar flares eruptions. In doing so, you would be expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Investigate UCI’s “Solar Flare Dataset” to have basic understanding of their significance and meaning.
  • Develop basic data processing tools to read samples of data
  • Extract the relevant data records that will support the development of your ideas
  • Propose and develop an AI system that can be implemented to demonstrate your ideas
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of your design by implementing some of its basic features using python
  • Discuss your findings making recommendations for further investigation and improved implementation.
  • Write a 1500 words report to present your work and findings.

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