CMSE11338: You Are Asked to Give Investment Advice On a Company to Be Agreed at an Early Opportunity With the Module Leader Financial Statement Analysis Course Work, UOB, UK

University University of Birmingham (UoB)
Subject CMSE11338: Financial Statement Analysis

Assessment Instructions

You are a respected city analyst who specializes in advising clients who are interested in purchasing equities in a given industry sector. You are asked to give investment advice on a company to be agreed at an early opportunity with the module leader.

Your company must be:
• Discussed and agreed with the module leader by Monday 31st May 2021
• Quoted on a major stock exchange (e.g. LSE, NYSE, NASDAQ)
• A prominent company, for which significant information is publicly available          in  English (both financial and non-financial information)
• Drawn from a mainstream industry where there are readily identifiable peers
(competitors) for which you can also gather good financial information.
• Drawn from an industry where you can gather good industry-wide information and from a country where there is readily available macroeconomic indicator information.

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