CIPD5CO03: Task One —Professional, ethical, and inclusive behaviours: Professional Behaviour And Valuing People Assignment

University Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Subject CIPD 5CO03 Professional Behaviour And Valuing People

Task One —Professional, ethical, and inclusive behaviours.

In this task, you are required to demonstrate a professional level of knowledge and understanding in relation to ‘professional, ethical and inclusive behaviors. To complete the task, you should provide a written response to each of the points below, making appropriate use of academic theory and practical examples to expand your response and illustrate key points. To help the reader, please make use of headings and assessment criteria references to signpost the assessment criteria being addressed.

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1) Define the term professional and explain what it means to be a ‘people professional’. (AC 1.1)

2) Explore how the role of a people professional (either a generalist or a particular specialist) Is evolving and the priorities this raises for continuing professional development (CPD) (AC 3.1)

3) Discuss the concept of ‘ethical values, and how at least three ethical values that you hold personally, impact (or could impact) your work as a people professional. (AC 1.2)

4) Explain why it is essential for people professionals to contribute confidently to discussions, and ways of doing this that are informed

5) Discuss when and how to raise concerns when issues such as organizational policies or leadership approach conflict with ethical values or legislation. (AC 1.4)

6) Provide a robust argument for ethical people practice that is supported by academic theory and details both the business and human benefits of people at work feeling included, valued, and fairly treated. (AC 2.1)

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