CIH level 5: Understand the role, purpose and complexity of a housing organisation: Strategic And Business Planning For Housing Organisations, Assignment, UK

Subject Strategic And Business Planning For Housing Organisations

Task 1

Review of the Role of the Housing Provider.

Your board/cabinet is currently assessing the role of your housing organisation. It has asked for a report which critically evaluates:

1. Understand the role, purpose and complexity of a housing organisation.

1.1 Critically evaluate the role and purpose of a housing organisation.

1.2 Critically evaluate the social identity of a housing organisation against their role as commercial businesses.

  1. The different roles and purposes of a housing provider; and

The tensions that may exist between the social role of a housing organisation, and their role as a commercial business, and how those tensions can be reconciled.  (AC 1.1, 1.2)


  • Remember to ‘critically evaluate’ rather than describe for both a) and b) above. This means you should assess, question, challenge and think beyond what you have been told or what you have read.
  • You should draw on a range of appropriate external sources to support your key arguments.
  • Provide examples from your own organisation, or from other housing organisations to illustrate your key points.
  • You should produce a balanced discussion, which presents evidence for both sides of the arguments, before arriving at logical conclusions.

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