CBB508: You have been set the task of explaining how the structures of the following organelles relates to their functions: Cells Coursework, UK

Cells task instructions

 Task 1 

Your tutor has asked you to contribute to a handout the class is preparing for students who are joining the course late.

Q1. You have been set the task of explaining how the structures of the following organelles relates to their functions:

  1. The organelle responsible for production of energy
  2. The organelle involved in protein synthesis
  3. The organelle which controls the activities of the other organelles in the cell

Q2. Some cells have particular functions and have specialised structures to support these functions.  Choosing one example from the following list, add to your handout an explanation of how the structure of the cell supports its function:

erythrocyte, neutrophil, squamous or ciliated epithelial cell, sperm cell

Task 2 – Written responses to questions [AC 2.1, 2.2, 4.1]

Q1       Draw arrows on the image below to show where each of the following substances pass through:

  • Steroids;
  • Vitamin A or D;
  • Large Proteins;
  • Water;
  • Ions.

Q2 Using the image above, explain how the structure of the cell plasma membrane relates to its various functions. Ensure you identify and use A-E in your answer.

Q3Water and oxygen can move across the membrane of the alveoli in the lungs.  How would their paths through the alveoli cell membrane differ?

(Include labelled hand-drawn diagrams to support your answer)

Q4  In the motor neuron substances have to move across the membrane to ensure the correct functioning of the nervous system.  How is the movement of Na+/K+ different from the movement of neurotransmitters across a plasma membrane?

(Include labeled hand drawn diagrams to support your answer)

Q5       Human beings are multi-cellular organisms.  Using examples from two different body systems, explain the different levels of cell organisation within those systems.

Task 3 

Q1       Create a table to compare and contrast mitosis and meiosis.

Q2       Once a healthy biological male has reached adulthood, do his cells continue to divide by both mitosis and meiosis?  Outline when each type of cell division might occur.

Task 4 – Magazine article outline [AC4.2]

You have been invited to contribute a short article to a magazine aimed at science students. The magazine editor has asked you to produce an outline of your article including an explanation of one example of the use of stem cells in medical treatments and/or research.

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