BUS6005B: The trend in social care housing and Historic legislation/policies that have facilitated cost savings in England within the last 20 years: Business Analysis and Planning report, UOL,UK

University University of Leicester (UoL)
Subject BUS6005B: Business Analysis and Planning


Part 1: Title: The trend in social care housing


  • Historic legislation/policies that have facilitated cost savings in England within the last 20 years
  • Includes the NHS 5 YEAR FORWARD VIEW-FYFV plan and it impacts on the area
  • Visits websites of a chosen borough/Local Authority of your choice to see how they cost the services they are delivering or writing on.
  • Include trends of government spending on social care/or housing sector in England


  • Defined social care
  • Defined Health care
  • How important are they?
  • Use relevant citations when defining
  • State what the NHS FYFV is and its focus while discussing it
  • Key historic legislation on how health and social care is funded: NHS ACT 1946, National Assistance Act 1948, Health Care ACT 1999, NHS PLAN 2000, National service ACT 2006, Health and Social Care ACT 2012, CARE ACT 2014.
  • Look at websites for office for national statistics and look at the total health care expenditure-discuss it including graphs if possible
  • NHS budget: How it is funded and what it entails-pay attention to social care
  • How is social care services paid? What is the role of family, friends, LA. Look at national audit office for data
  • Use range of sources/literature here to help you discuss Health and social care in England
  • New models of care and what it entails.


Title: The Birmingham City Council Analysis


  • Produce a pictorial representation of data collected from the national/LA trend on social housing sector funding for 10-15 years (bar chart, pie charts, etc) for a specified service user group
  • In doing so, look at range of data from a chosen LA of your choice concerning how ‘health and social care services are costed and delivered’
  • Consider direct payments and funding sources of registered care homes
  • Discuss drivers of the trend with relevant literature


  • Analyse your chosen LA social care trends and how they are responsible for social care plus funding. Look at their budgets and discuss
  • Discuss social care cost. What are the trends you see from the data? Present in pictorial form and discuss
  • Health care industry depends on legislation, changes in economic rates and technological advances. You can now discuss the factors that influence social care system such as political, economic, sociological, technological, environmental, Legal. Some calls it the PESTEL ANALYSIS


Title: The trend in the social care housing sector in England.

Focus: Government thinking about saving cost and improving efficiency

Audience: Committee of MPs on a fact-finding mission


  • What is a trend?
  • What type of information, data or statistics you can identify from research. Look from the last 10-15 years
  • Visit any local authority of your choice and find out how health and social care services are delivered and cost. E.g What is the weekly cost of a specified user group and what are the government requirements.
  • Focus on the use of literature and published financial information available in the domain. Look at trends over a period of time to develop projections
  • Demonstrate understanding of how specific software tool has aided in decision making eg data analysis tool in MS Excel.
  • Critically discuss the legislative history and context in which “Value for Money” matters


  1. Title Page

2. Table of contents

3. Executive Summary

  • Summarises your report
  • 150-200 words
  • It is not considered as part of the word count
  • Do not write an essay
  • Written in the past tense
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusion

4. Introduction

  • What the assignment will cover
  • 5 percent of total account
  • Discuss briefly the main concepts in the body of your assignment
  • Future simple tense

5. Main Body/Discussion

  • The trend in the social care housing sector in England
  • Conclusions/Recommendations

6. Should summarise briefly the main considerations/recommendations

  • Recommendations could be presented as suggestions for future actions

7. References

  • Must follow the AU Harvard style

8. Appendices 

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