BTEC Unit 26: Machine learning aims at replicating the methods used by humans to learn to machines so that they can learn independently: Machine Learning , Assignment, UOB, UK

Assignment Brief and Guidance:

Activity 1

  1. Machine learning aims at replicating the methods used by humans to learn to machines so that they can learn independently and provide necessary outputs. Explain the main types of learning problems faced in machine learning and identify the types of machine learning algorithms used. You should provide examples for your answer with explanations of how the algorithms work.
  2. Intelligent Machines can be defined as AI that can learn and mimic human behavior and intelligence. Discuss and evaluate the role of machine learning in developing intelligent machines and identify and categorize the machine learning algorithms used in this process with examples.

Activity 2

  1. Find one or more datasets from or another source of your own choice under the themes of Robotics, AI, Emerging technologies, or a theme of your choice.
  2. Identify how mathematics has influenced machine learning and carry out statistical analysis into the above data set. You’ll need to use formulas, functions, descriptive statistics and graphs, and probability via a programming language of your choice. Explain and justify your choices in the tools, programming language, and libraries used if any.
  3. Use the machine learning algorithms (K-Nearest Neighbor, Support Vector Machine, Linear Regression, Decision Tree, Naïve Bayes, K-Means Clustering) on the datasets using a suitable language or machine learning tool and explain how these algorithms can solve machine learning problems. Justify your choices and demonstrate how these algorithms will improve the efficiency of the data.

Activity 3

The Ukranian War of 2022 has shown how AI and the usage of technologies such as Autonomous Drones are reshaping how warfare is fought in this century and it’s showing the inefficiency of humans in the modern battlefield. One of the key features in automating the battlefield is correctly identifying what objects are present in the battlefield and categorizing these objects into enemy, ally or neutral.

The Ukrainian forces have utilised drone jamming technologies and other anti-drone technologies to destroy enemy drones. However in the battlefield they have found that sometimes neutral objects such as birds may hinder the efficiency of these weapons since these should be manually operated and sometimes the users may confuse birds with drones flying above.

Activity 4

Critically evaluate and justify the process, the tools used, the algorithms, the language and libraries used in the development. Evaluate how effective the learning algorithms was at performing the given task and also justify your choice by characterizing  the different learning algorithms, tools and languages that could have been used instead.

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