BMGT7021: The assessment for this module comprises one element Individual Research Proposal and You are expected to develop a suitable and realistic research proposal: Research Methods Assignment, OBU, UK

University Oxford Brookes University (OBU)
Subject BMGT7021: Research Methods

The assessment for this module comprises one element: Individual Research Proposal. You are expected to develop a suitable and realistic research proposal. with a view to undertaking a focused piece of contemporary research with clear and tangible outcomes of interest and relevance to the work context. The proposal should be 2,000 words (+/- 10°/0). The specified word count refers to the main body of the report and does not include the front cover. title page. contents page. executive summary. reference list. bibliography or appendices. The word count does include headings. tables and in-text citations. but not equations or diagrams.
Your work must be uploaded to the dropbox in Moodie by 13:00 on Friday 29th April

Research Proposal Structure

The following information is a general overview of the structure and contents of a Research Proposal and additionally summarises what should be demonstrated by the proposal and by you as a researcher. This is not a definitive structure, only a guideline that covers all the important areas in a logical manner. There is flexibility to adjust or change this structure depending on your individual needs. The following elements may form subheadings for your research proposal document. The numbers in brackets are a guide of how many words are required for each section. However, they are only a guide and not definitive.

Working title

This should capture the essence of your project, and includes information that relates to the proposed study which you wish to undertake.


  • What are you exploring and why?
  • Put the research into context.
  • Why is it important to study this topic (rationale)?
  • Clearly identify your research question/problem.
  • What are the specific aims and objectives of the research?

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