Assess the contribution of people management aimed at improving organizational productivity: CIPD Level 7 Strategic People Management Assignment, UK

University Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Subject CIPD Level 7 Strategic People Management Assignment

Question 12
3.4 Assess the contribution of people management aimed at improving
organizational productivity, creativity, and innovation.

Assess how people management practices within your organization, or one that is familiar to you, can promote creativity and innovation. Illustrate your answer with TWO examples of people management practices that promote creativity and innovation.

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Pointers for students:
Draw on the research evidence to discuss how people management practices can promote creativity and innovation, which should attempt to define both terms.

Critically review this evidence ensuring that you are clear which practices the researchers have considered and how they have defined and measured creativity and/or innovation. Which practices appear to have the strongest evidence in the literature?
Types of people management interventions might include team-working, effective knowledge management, learning and development, openness, appropriate leadership styles, reward practices that incentivise creative approaches and the promotion of a culture which encourages creative thinking.

You may also wish to consider other examples:
 Encouraging psychological safety
 Providing autonomy and empowerment
 Promoting cross-functional collaboration
Ultimately, in your answer there is a need to demonstrate confidence in challenging practice.
What theories might explain the link between the practices you choose to discuss and the impact of these practices on creativity and innovation? For example, self determination theory might be employed to explain the link between psychological safety and creativity/innovation.

Note that the specific impact of people management practices on creativity and innovation will vary depending on various organisational factors and contexts. Consider these factors in discussing which practices are most likely to be effective in your own organisation, focusing on TWO examples of people management practices.

In discussing specific practices, you will want to show a clear line of sight from the evidence of their efficacy and how this relates to your own organisational context. Are there any learning from others’ best practice to compare, whether same sector or not? Be specific about your recommendations and discuss potential costs ROI and any barriers that may be faced.

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