Analyze British Telecommunications PLC’s competitive position within the broadband market: Strategic Global Marketing Course Work, NTU, UK

University Nottingham Trent University (NTU)
Subject Strategic Global Marketing

The purpose of this report is to analyze British Telecommunications PLC’s competitive position within the broadband market. Critically reviewing the micro and macro environment of the organization, and identifying key opportunities or threats that need to be responded to.

The author will also critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of BT Broadband as an organization, assessing how it may need to change in order to meet the challenges of operating in a global environment. This shall be followed up by an analysis of overseas opportunities, as well as recommendations for an appropriate market entry strategy into an overseas country.

Due to the sheer size of BT and the vast amount of products/services it offers, this report will be focusing on its business-to-consumer, broadband services within the Telecoms market. Enabling the author to give a more critical evaluation within the constraints of the word count granted.

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