Analyze and design a relational database system for the given scenario and draw an ER-Diagram with clear explanations: Database Design and Development Assignment, BCAS, UK

University British College Of Applied Studies (BCAS)
Subject Database Design and Development

Task 1

  • Analyze and design a relational database system for the given scenario and draw an ER-Diagram with clear explanations and with valid assumptions using MySQL Workbench. Indicate the designing steps Conceptual, Logical, and Relational Mapping with Normalisation process up to 3NF.
  • Using a mock-up/ storyboarding tool, sketch a comprehensive prototype model for a fully functional system, including interface, output designs, and validations.
  • Produce a report by evaluating the proposed database system in relation to the user and system requirements.

Task 2

  • Build the physical relational database system using Forward Engineering Techniques for the above-designed ER Model with MySQL Workbench. Identify and enforce all necessary constraints on the tables which include primary key, foreign key constraints and domain constraints, etc.
  • Explain the data validation and verification process and techniques applied to test your database with appropriate test cases and test samples. Insert sample test records into the populated tables. Minimum 5 records for each master table, and a minimum of 20 records for child tables.
  • Only certain users are authorized to access the database with certain privileges, therefore, prepare a privilege Matrix and explain how control mechanisms have been identified for the users of your database system. Assign the identified privileges to the users and validate the given privileges.
  • Review and test the developed database system against the user and system requirements and address your findings and errors and problems encountered in implementing the database.

Task 3

  • Create a user and technical manual for the developed database system explaining how to use the database system and how to handle the database system technically. Document all the necessary information such as Views, Trigger, Stored Procedure, etc.; use appropriate diagrams, flow charts,
    etc.; to describe system flow.
  • Evaluate the designed database system; suggest any future improvements that may require ensuring the continued improvements of the database system.

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