7CO01 Understand ways in which major, long-term environmental developments affect employment, work: CIPD Level 7 in people Management Assignment, CIPD, UK

University Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Subject 7CO01 CIPD Level 7 in people Management Assignment

LO1 Understand ways in which major, long-term environmental developments affect employment, work, and people management in organizations.

1.2 Critically evaluate the organizational vision of the current and future impact of technological trends on working life. 

Question 2

It is commonly argued that developments in the field of information technology will soon create machines with ‘general artificial intelligence’ that are able to do anything the human brain can do, including generating new scientific knowledge. Critically evaluate the ways in which this development will affect employment in your industry or sector? Justify your answer with at least ONE example.

There is plenty of scope here for students to tailor their answers around their own industries, and it is important that they do this and do not simply write very generically about AI. The question also asks for critical evaluation, so we need to see an argument supported with evidence and not merely a descriptive passage. It is likely that assignments will focus on the ways that AI will change existing jobs and also on replacing existing jobs. Much will depend on the industry, but current informed opinion suggests that AI will have an impact on most, including professions which rely on human judgement and expertise as well as skill. It will not necessarily lead to the elimination of job categories but will in all likelihood create significant efficiencies. A team of twenty lawyers, for example, may be able to be replaced by four plus a computer and achieve more in their working days. AI-enabled machines will be able to carry out research and write reports that need merely to be checked over and supplemented by a human brain. AI will be able to carry out computer coding much more rapidly than people, translate from one language to another and assist with all kinds of problem solving, including for example medical diagnosis. It is

also important that at least one credible and appropriate example is provided to illustrate the general argument that is being presented as this is a specific requirement of the question. As always, the better-referenced, better-informed, more persuasive and more thoughtful the argument, the higher the mark should be.

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