7CO01: Illustrating your answer with an example, explain how globalisation has led to increased competition: Work and working lives in a changing business environment Assignment, CIPD, UK

Assessment questions:

Question 1
Illustrating your answer with an example, explain how globalisation has led to increased competition and volatility in product markets. Critically analyse how these trends have affected the management of people in workplaces around the world?

Question 2
To what extent do you agree with the view that technologies which are likely to mature in the late 2020s will create a great deal of unemployment and under-employment as people in organisations are increasingly replaced with machines? Justify your answer.

Question 3
Over the past two decades consumer behaviour has tended to become more ethical. We spend much more on products and services that we perceive to have an ethical or sustainable provenance and are more likely to
boycott brands which develop an unethical reputation. Critically examine the main consequences of this trend for the managementof people in commercial organisations? Justify your answer.

Question 4
Global economic growth is leading to increasing levels of affluence around the world. The rate at which societies are becoming more prosperous is particularly rapid in some developing economies. Critically review what the main consequences will be for businesses and for the management of people if these trends continue?

Question 5
Identify any THREE distinct challenges or opportunities for people management in organisations that arise from the rapid increase in the use of social media on the part of employees and potential recruits. Which of those you have selected do you consider having the greatest long-term importance? Justify your answer.

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Question 6
Why are prices currently rising so rapidly around the world? Explain what steps governments can take to reduce this inflation. What are the main implications for employing organisations?

Question 7
How far do you agree that employment regulation in your country strikes a reasonable balance between the interests of employers and employees? Justify your answer with examples of specific employment laws.

Question 8
Drawing upon your wider reading, critically evaluate up to three HR strategies that can be recommended to a People Professional Manager whose organisation is facing chronic skills shortages in one of its major labour markets.

Question 9
Reflect upon a major change intervention within your own organisation (for example, a. shift towards more remote working / introduction of new technology).
i) Provide a brief overview of the change intervention (no more than 300 words). and
ii) Critically assess the effectiveness of the leadership and management of this change intervention. Draw upon academic theories, models, and research to support your assessment.

Question 10
Brown et al’s (2017) study found that when People Professionals adopt a more strategic change agent role, rather than a more administrative role, this can help reduce the amount of cynicism exhibited by employees. Critically analyse how People Professionals can adopt a more strategic role in organisational change.

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