7044SSL: Provide An Introduction To Supply Chain Risk Management: Global Operations Coursework, AU, UK

University Aston University (AU)
Subject 7044SSL: Global Operations

Assessment Information

You are required to choose an appropriate company and to:

1. Provide an introduction to Supply Chain Risk Management

2. Critically discuss with examples the various types of risk (categories and drivers) that can occur in your chosen company’s supply chain

3. Critically discuss with examples how each of the risks mentioned in criteria 2 above can be mitigated

Criteria for Assessment

This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:

1. Critically demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the complex organizational relationships of managing inventory, managing capacity, and replenishment policies in the context of customer satisfaction and modern global business constraints

2. Analyse and critique a range of current and emerging global logistics & supply chain practices, trends, and any subsequent issues that may arise.

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