3CO04: Appointed as a member of the people practice team of Healthcare on Hand: Essentials Of People Practice Assignment, UK

University Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)
Subject 3CO04 Essentials Of People Practice

Case study

You have recently been appointed as a member of the people practice team of Healthcare on Hand, a rapidly growing home healthcare company. Founded in 2017, Healthcare on Hand provides healthcare to adults and children with complex needs in their own homes. From start-up, the owners took pride in being involved in all aspects of people management, including interviewing all new employees. Now the organization has grown, they realize they cannot continue to be involved in all activities and want to formalize many people practices. To this end, a small people team will be responsible for all aspects of people management.

Task One – Briefing paper

The People Manager asks you to prepare a briefing paper that will be used when they meet with line managers and introduce the services the new team will provide. The briefing paper should explain:

  • the different stages of the employee lifecycle and the role of the people professionals in the lifecycle.
  • different ways in which information for specified roles can be prepared.
  • different recruitment methods and when is it appropriate to use them.
  • factors to consider when deciding on the content of copy used in recruitment methods.
  • different selection methods and when it is appropriate to use them.
  • the selection records that need to be retained.

In addition, your manager is keen that standard letters of appointment and non-appointment are used going forward. Your manager has asked you to draft a copy of each of these letters.

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