Discuss and evaluate the importance of balancing a respect for confidentiality: Manage Safeguarding, Protection and Risk in Adult Care NVQ5 Assignment, OC, UK

University The Open College (OC)
Subject Manage Safeguarding Protection and Risk in Adult Care NVQ5
  • Discuss and evaluate the importance of balancing a respect for confidentiality with ensuring the protection and wellbeing of users of services, when managing safeguarding resources in the setting.
  • Ensuring all policies in place and procedures comply with legislation and guidance; Caldicott Principles; Human Rights Act; Data Protection legislation.
  • Breach of confidentiality – acceptable where it is in interests of public safety to disclose information.
  • Where possible seeking consent to share information; considering the person’s mental capacity to consent to information being shared.
  • Discuss and evaluate sources of funding that are used to construct the safeguarding budget in own area of responsibility.


You could include:

  • Free or funded training.
  • Staff development (as part of current role).

Discuss source of funding to:

  • Training staff.
  • Employ safeguarding lead. 
  • Discuss why everyone in the setting has a responsibility to act on concerns about abuse of children or young people in the setting.

You could include:

  • The protection and safety of all.
  • Recognising signs.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • Company reputation
  • Discuss the actions to take if:
  • There are concerns that a child or young person is being abused.
  • A child or young person alleges that they are being abused.

You could include:

  • Remaining calm.
  • Recording reported suspicions or allegation.
  • Speaking to the individual and asking how the injury occurred (physical abuse)
  • Speaking to the individual to ascertain reasons for changes in behaviour or other signs of emotional abuse
  • Assuring the individual that disclosure will not result in repercussions for them.
  • Interviewing members of staff involved and suspending from employment, pending investigations.
  • If proven, informing relevant authorities and dismissing employee.
  • Discuss examples of ‘hidden restraint’.

Examples could include:

  • Tucking in blanket.
  • Trolley table used to keep someone in a chair.
  • Reclining chairs.
  • Withdrawal from outings.

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