05OSD: Just Ingredients Limited do not knowingly supply material containing pesticide: Food Technology Case Study, UL, UK

University University Of Lincoln (UL)
Subject 05OSD: Food Technology


Just Ingredients Limited do not knowingly supply material containing pesticide residues above the legal maximum residue levels (MRL’s), Codex recommendation or at a level that could cause a food safety risk under the Food Safety Act. Suppliers risk assess the materials supplied to JustIngredients Limited and where a pesticide issue is considered a risk the supplier arranges applicable testing and issuing of results before the materials are accepted by JustIngredients Limited. Where pesticide residues are assessed as ‘low risk’ the supplier may carry out random testing.

All our Organic products are certified by the Soil Association. EU law defines the minimum standards for organic products that are produced, manufactured, imported into, sold or traded within the EU – in the Organic Regulation. In many areas, the Soil Association’s standards are stricter and exceed these EU standards.

A non-hazardous product if used under normal circumstances. Buyers of our products are aware that if our products are used for food use, goods must be cooked thoroughly before use/consumption. If you are unsure of the suitability of our product for your specific use, you should not use and seek further information from our technical team.

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This product has not been heat treated by the manufacturer. Herbs and spices are naturally sourced agricultural products, which may contain naturally high microbiological flora. This product is not sterile. Where low levels of microorganisms are a specific requirement, then customers are advised to use raw materials which have undergone a method of heat treatment to reduce the microbial load. Buyers should seek further information from our technical team by emailing technical@justingredients.co.uk. JustIngredients Limited will not accept any responsibility for the incorrect application of products which result in final products being rejected. (See also ’Use in Production’ clause below.

If the goods or any part thereof supplied under the contract are processed, altered or tampered with in any way by the buyer or receiver of the goods or any other person, the quality of the goods shall be deemed to be acceptable to the buyer. All customers’ quality control checks are to be completed on the entire load prior to use in production or resale to 3rd parties in original state or as a blend.

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