What Are Language Techniques?

July 13, 2021 | George Orwell | 7393 views

Language techniques are the elements which the writer brings to his or her story to focus on the theme on which they are emphasizing. It plays a crucial factor in writing an essay or story. Language technique means the way writer conveys meanings by applying language techniques. The different language techniques may be related to sentence structure, tone, choice of words etc.

You can use language techniques and elements which can be found everywhere in the story. As a result, it assists students in developing understanding a story, essay, poem or novel in a better way.

Importance of language techniques

The main purpose of English techniques is to:

  • Craft thoughts into words
  • Bring a story to life
  • Give meaning in an artistic structure
  • Present a logical framework through words and language
  • Makes a story and its purpose recognizable to its audience
  • It helps to test the understanding of a story that readers have.
  • Assists in motivating both readers and writer imagination.
  • Motivate readers to visualize and see characters and scenes more within a story.

Language technique and their effects

The persuasive language technique helps students in scoring good marks in the exam for writing. If you have good knowledge of language techniques then you can easily score a good score in exams.  It is very much important for you to develop an understanding of the following factors such as:

  • The way writers gain impact on their writing.
  • Techniques to use different features in your writing.
  • Techniques to achieve unit standards which you may need for exploring language and think critically about poetic texts.

Language feature

At the time of analyzing the language, you should mainly concentrate on the way it is written. It means you need to mainly concentrate on identifying the language features and explaining their effect.

21 English language techniques

The Basic English language techniques are literary techniques and figures of speech that we utilize in the English language for conveying messages.


It is language techniques that include repetition of sounds that are similar. Such repetition of sounds appears at the beginning of words.


You can find such type of language techniques in literary work. It wills a reference a literary, historical, or biblical person, place, or event from another piece of literary work or a separate occurrence in itself.


It is language techniques which are somewhat similar to alliteration. But the only difference is that the repetition occurs in the vowel sound of the word.

For example, the sentence, “The Brother spoke in a low mellow tone” contains the repetition of the “o” sound.


Such language technique includes a description of that is a little far-fetched. You can mainly use caricature language techniques at the timer of mocking character.


These are basic techniques of expression.


It is language techniques which writer generally utilize with the intention of providing the character with experience of extraordinary movements.


Such language techniques include the author, writer, or narrator’s use of hints or suggestions that will give a sort of “preview” of events that may occur later on in the story.


It is a language technique which involves the use of exaggeration or overstating in order to get a point across.


The idiom is somewhat similar to Clinches. This language technique includes expressions that you have probably heard before.


It is one of the popular English language techniques. The main motive of using such a technique for writing a story or essay is to set up an image in the audience’s mind. By using such a technique writer also intends to make a sensory impression

Irony language techniques 

The writer mainly uses such a technique for making differentiation between two things.


This is basically an English literary language technique which writer mainly uses for comparing two things without using words “As”, “Like”.


You can use this technique for developing a key theme for a story.


Onomatopoeia is words that sound exactly like they are.

For instance: hiss, boing, or pop.

Oxymoron language technique

These are two words that are close together that contradict each other.

For instance, “same difference”


There are many essays and other academic writing where you need to include Thesis. It is basically a central argument which authors will make in their piece of academic writing.  You need to include a thesis at the beginning of your essay.


A symbol could be anything from an object to an actual person which will represent an idea or concept in a story.


It is a form of verbal Irony where the speaker will say something which means the exact opposite of what they actually mean.

Simile language techniques

This technique mainly includes using Similes for making a comparison between two things. It means at the time of writing a story or an essay writer mainly uses words “Like”, “as”.

Rhetorical questions 

At the time of writing essays or stories, you can ask questions from yourself.  The questions which you are asking from yourself do not require an actual response. The main purpose of rhetorical questions is to call attention.


When writing the English language one of the techniques is to use human characteristics for describing the things.

For instance: Raindrops danced on the pavement

Effect of emotive Language

Emotive language has a great influence on the audience. By using emotive language in an effective manner you can positively influence the audience to react. This audience manipulation is a type of rhetoric. Therefore, emotive language can cause an audience to take action or to argue with the speaker.

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