Harvard Referencing Tips for UK Students

September 14, 2023 | George Orwell | 1124 views

As a student in the United Kingdom, you will at some point come across the Harvard referencing system. This is a system used by universities and colleges in the UK to give credit to sources that have been used when writing an essay or paper. It is important to use this system correctly so that others can easily identify and access the sources you have used. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to use the Harvard referencing system correctly in your essays and papers.

What Is The Harvard Referencing System?

The Harvard referencing system, also known as parenthetical referencing or author-date citations, is a widely adopted format for referencing other sources within academic work. It involves citing sources within parentheses after mentioning them in the text and then providing full details of those sources at the end of your essay/paper. This helps readers find out more about the source material and enables them to check any facts if they wish to do so.

The Basics Of The Harvard Referencing System

When using this referencing system, it is important to ensure that all references are listed in alphabetical order at the end of your essay/paper. All references should be listed using consistent formatting and should include all necessary details such as author name, year of publication, title of book/article, etc. When referring to another source within your text, you should provide a brief reference within parentheses next to it with either the author’s name or year of publication (or both). For example (Smith, 2020) or (Smith & Jones, 2018). You should also provide a page number if you are directly quoting from another source (e.g., Smith 2020, p. 10).

Using Secondary Sources In Your Work

If you are citing material from an original source but have accessed it through a secondary source such as an online article or book chapter then you must cite both sources in your work. For example: “According to Smith (2020), cited in Jones (2021),…” If you fail to do this then it may be considered plagiarism – something which is taken very seriously by universities.

Proofreading Your Work

It is important to proofread your work thoroughly once you have completed it and checked it for accuracy. Ensure that all references are correctly formatted and cited, that the sources are up-to-date and accurate and that there are no typos or mistakes in the text.

Further Advice And Support 

If you need any further advice and support on how to use the Harvard referencing system correctly then it is best to speak to your tutor or supervisor who should be able to provide guidance. It is also worth looking online for helpful resources such as websites and guides that include examples of correct usage.


Harvard referencing is an important skill for any student studying in the UK as it ensures that their work has academic integrity and allows readers to track down source material quickly and easily if necessary. Following these tips when using this referencing style will help ensure that your work meets all academic standards required by universities across Britain today!

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