Extended Project Qualification in UK

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EPQ is a qualification taken by some students in England and Wales, which is equivalent to 50% of an A level. They are part of level three of the National Qualifications Framework. Extended Project Qualification in UK graded from A*-E on the scale right now.

What is the Extended Project Qualification?

Extended Project Qualification in UK is an optional qualification usually taken by Secondary school students and the Republic of Ireland. It is a one-off assignment that can take up to 9 months to complete, and it allows students to reach out into various subjects and disciplines which they may not be educated about otherwise.

These challenges force pupils to research and find information outside of their specific fields. The EPQ also gives them the chance to pursue original ideas without limitations or guidelines set by teachers. This enables young people to use their own talents, skills, insights, interests, and strengths in order not only create something new but also show themselves what’s possible for later life paths such as work or education.”

How does it work?

The Extended Project Qualification in UK is a large research project, typically in the social sciences or the humanities, presented by someone of any age following completion of their degree. It aims to develop analytical skills and ability in research design through taking on responsibility for an independent course of study.

Students are committed to undertaking these projects for an academic year. Students are funded by their College for this work throughout their two-year course so they are not able to take employment during this time.

The student’s role in EPQ will depend largely on College requirements and demands will be negotiated at that point with each individual. However, preparation work might involve gathering material, attending lectures in related subjects, or drafting minutes from College Committee meetings that have been attended by the student.

The work a student does on the EPQ will consist of a major written report, which they complete towards the end of their second year at Warwick, and an oral presentation, usually in front of three examiners from outside their subject area who have been appointed by College staff. In order to pass, they must achieve an overall A grade.”

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EPQ specification

Extended Project Qualification in UK is an additional 100-200 word text-based assignment that completes the A-Level program, undertaken in addition to AS and A2 level courses.

The specification consists of two areas:

  • Personal Effectiveness.
  • General Effectiveness.

The personal effectiveness criteria include studies key skills such as research, analysis, and evaluation as well as the managing own learning process section which focuses on self-reflection and how this can be applied to specific issues.

The general effectiveness criteria include Key Competencies for life (teamwork, advocacy, creativity) and Science Communication (how ideas can be communicated effectively). Students will identify a topic of interest then plan their EPQ before undertaking it. They must also complete 50 hours of work experience related to their EPQ topic.

The EPQ is a ‘5000 word activity’ that must be undertaken over a full year within a subject was taken by grades 11-12. The student may examine an issue or question from any disciplinary perspective, and it will culminate in one 6000-word report and a 4000-word exemplar. A final oral presentation to both teachers and fellow students rounds off the qualification process.

How do you write an extended project qualification?

If you need to write an Extended Project Qualification, then it’s best that you write the general introduction first. The introduction will briefly describe the context of the topic. Next, you’ll want to list your objectives and how they’ve met in this report.

Next up is the literature review-and here it may be necessary for you to refer back to other expert analyses concerning your topic as well as relevant findings from empirical research work such as clinical trials, epidemiological studies, and other relevant meta-analyses.

You can use these studies both as background information and help justify your arguments for selectivity of coverage or what weighting should be given in any “weighted” analysis because not everything has equal value (so some studies might be given less weight than others).

Lastly, you will need to discuss the implications of your findings. You may want to refer to other studies which have attempted similar work and what gaps for further research are apparent – knowing where knowledge is lacking can help justify future funding requests or inform policy decisions.

The conclusion should be the shortest section-and if you have an introduction and literature review, then there’s really no need for a discussion or methods section. You may include additional subsections such as references/bibliography, appendices (i.e., data tables), etc.

EPQ UCAS points

The UCAS tariff score they ask for is the EPQ UCAS points: “UCAS tariff score” means education and Qualifications and that’s what EPQ means.

UCAS points

Grade UCAS points
A* 28
A 24
B 20
C 16
D 12
E 8

Extended project qualification examples

Examples of Extended Report:

  • What is the role of nuclear weapons in contemporary international relations?
  • To what extent could the TV show ‘The Wire’ be considered Shakespearean?
  • In which way the relationship between the divine and secular is explored in Renaissance art?
  • Who will influence the global economy in the 21st century, India or China?

Examples of Artefact:

  • How can we A composition for cello can be used to convey a range of emotions?
  • Which one is the most effective way to improve the uptake of cricket in state schools?
  • Should politicians be like ‘the people’?

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