BTEC HND Level 4 Unit 21 Criminal Investigation Assignment Sample UK

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Applied Sciences

BTEC HND Level 4 Unit 21 Criminal Investigation provides students with an understanding of the criminal justice system and the investigative process. The unit focuses on the role of the police officer within the criminal justice system and their responsibilities when investigating crime. It also looks at the different methods used to gather evidence, including interviewing suspects and taking statements.

This unit is ideal for those who are interested in a career in law enforcement or criminal investigation, or for anyone who wants to learn more about how crimes are investigated. It is also a great way to prepare for a career in law enforcement or to gain knowledge that can be used in any field that involves investigating crime.

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We are discussing some assignment activities in this unit. These are:

The principles of criminal investigation are largely the same regardless of the jurisdiction in which they are conducted. The process, however, may be slightly different in order to comply with specific legislation or requirements related to that jurisdiction. In general, there are three steps in any criminal investigation: a collection of evidence, analysis of evidence, and presentation of findings.

The legislation related to criminal investigations can vary significantly from country to country. In the UK, for example, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE) outlines the rights of suspects being interviewed by law enforcement officers, while in the US there is a much greater emphasis on the admissibility of evidence in court. Regardless of jurisdiction, however, it is important to understand that any criminal investigation must be conducted in accordance with ethical and legal standards.

The following resources will provide you with more information on the principles, processes, and legislation related to criminal investigations:

  1. Principles of Criminal Investigation – This resource provides an overview of the principles that are used in criminal investigations.
  2. Processes of Criminal Investigation – This resource provides information on the various steps that are involved in conducting a criminal investigation.
  3. Legislation Related to Criminal Investigations – This website provides an overview of the different laws, regulations, and guidelines that relate to criminal investigations in various countries around the world.

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Assignment Activity 2: Analyse the requirements of effective scene management and professional forensic evidence gathering.

Scene management is critical in any investigation, but especially so when the objective is to gather forensic evidence. The goal is to preserve the scene and the evidence it contains while also minimizing the risk of contamination.

The first priority is always safety. The scene must be secured and made safe for investigators to work in, and all personnel must be properly trained in scene safety procedures.

Next, the area should be carefully mapped and photographed to document its layout and the location of all evidence. Any items that might be considered potential evidence should be collected and marked for later examination. Care must be taken not to disturb or contaminate any of the evidence.

Finally, a report should be prepared to document all findings from the scene investigation. This report will be used by law enforcement and prosecutors to determine what happened and who is responsible.

Assignment Activity 3: Explain the process and purpose of the disclosure.

The purpose of the disclosure is to provide potential investors with all material information related to the company and its securities so that they can make an informed investment decision.

The disclosure requirement is mandated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and it applies to all publicly traded companies. The rule requires companies to disclose important information, such as financial results, major events, and risks associated with investing in the company’s securities.

Investors rely on disclosures to make informed investment decisions, and proper disclosure is essential for protecting investors from fraudulent activities. By providing timely, accurate information about a company and its securities, the SEC helps ensure that investors can make smart investment choices.

There are generally three main stages to the disclosure process: planning, drafting, and review. During the planning stage, companies must determine what information they need to disclose and then develop a schedule for submitting it. The drafting stage involves compiling all of the necessary information into written documents that follow specific regulatory guidelines. Finally, during the review stage, these drafts are reviewed by legal and compliance teams to ensure that all disclosure requirements have been met.

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Assignment Activity 4: Describe the structure and workings of criminal courts and the role of expert evidence.

The structure of criminal courts in the United Kingdom (UK) is fairly simple. There are three main levels of court in England and Wales: the Magistrates’ Court, the Crown Court, and the High Court. Cases usually start off in the Magistrates’ Court, where expert evidence may be used to help decide whether there is enough evidence for a case to go to trial. If a case does go to trial, it will then be heard by either the Crown Court or the High Court, depending on its severity. 

Expert evidence plays an important role in UK criminal courts. It can be used to help determine whether there is enough evidence for a case to go to trial, and can also be used during trials to help present a more complete picture of the facts. Experts can be called on to testify about many different aspects of a case, such as forensic evidence, eyewitness testimony, and expert opinions. However, their role is strictly regulated by the courts, and they are often subject to cross-examination by defense lawyers.

In order to become an expert witness in a UK court, one must have specialized training and experience in their field, as well as a good understanding of the relevant legal issues. They must also abide by strict standards of professional conduct so that they can provide impartial, unbiased testimony. Overall, expert evidence plays an important role in ensuring that criminal cases are heard fairly and objectively, and is an essential part of the UK’s criminal justice system.

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