Impact of Social Issues in Education in UK Essay Sample

Education plays a very important role in the lives of the students or learners to develop them as a whole. However, social issues can have a great impact on the learning of the students. Exposure of the students with social problems impacts their personal development and knowledge experience.

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Thus, the education system have a responsibility to aware students about these issues in society and helps them to develop their full potential so as to make them capable to fight and stand alone against all odds. Now, this essay sample will provide in-depth knowledge of the current social issues that have an influence on the education of the students in UK.

Also, talks about how education in UK plays vital part in dealing with these social problems effectively. So, let’s take a look at the social issues that impact education in the below section.

Racism and Inequality

Social problems affect today’s students and one of the huge problems is the classroom racism and inequality among the different social class and backgrounds of the students. Biased decisions towards minorities results in the students not getting proper education during their academic life in the schools and universities.

Teachers can oppose language conflict between the students but racism and discrimination has always been there in native and high class of the students. Treating any student inappropriately can affect their motivation and self respect for the further studies.

Children who belong to disadvantages backgrounds are usually less likely to good qualifications and adequate education in the higher and further education which results in increasing the social inequalities. Therefore, these differences in the views and unacceptable perspectives of the teachers and other students towards different culture and backgrounds have to be eliminated to stop racism and inequality issues in the future.

Unequal opportunity

Every student has equal rights to get opportunities. However, student’s belongings becomes one of the causes of social issues in the education system in UK. Students of smaller backgrounds are being compared and judged over middle class and high class of majority backgrounds.

Unequal opportunities in education to the students who are at the risk of biased judgements become restriction in their further learning and knowledge experience. The education system in UK is influenced by the cases of discrimination, inequity, classism on the different cultural aspects of life. However, in an ideal world, all students must be treated with an exposure of equal educational opportunities.

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Inflation has major impact on the education system in the UK. It affects not only students but also school teachers, employees and educational budgets. It increases the need for higher income among the teachers and students which leads them to leave education system for temporary higher paying alternatives. As inflation increases the cost of the college, schools and institution fees in the UK, poor families need to suffer from not affording the better education for their child.

However, those who could able to study in times of inflation also needs to pay high rental fees which makes them to compromise in the quality of living like foods, medicines etc. This has adverse effects on the capabilities and self esteem of the students. Therefore, inflation can be considered as the detrimental factor to the quality of future education in the UK.

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Substance abuse has the major impact on the students education. Many students get involved in the addictive drugs and alcohols which make them trouble in the studies and learning. The use such substances leads to criminal behaviours, abuse of illegal drugs, and violence within the society and educational curriculum. To prevent this cause of social issue, students should get supportive environment in the schools, homes and society.


Students who came from different countries of Asia, Europe and America to UK for their further studies needs to face lot of language barrier issues. Language is one of the social problems in the education system with a greater impact in the students learning of subjects and other languages. English being the native language of the UK, the immigrants who can’t speak or don’t have good understanding of the language often feels difficulty in their learning.

This also makes the barrier in the communication of the non-native students with native teachers, classmates and colleagues. Thus, education system in the UK needs to be developed and have an access for all types’ foreign learners.


Most of the studies have shown the connection and relationship between education and crime. Crime is considered as the social issue which have major impact on the education system in the UK.

States with higher education system have crime rates lower than the national average. Therefore, states with high college enrolment of the students experience lower crime and violence compared to states with lower college enrolment.

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Gender issues

Gender and sexual inequalities also become the major social issues with huge impact on the education of the students. In certain parts of the society, girls get less encouragement and opportunities than the boys for studying in the higher education systems. Expectations in achieving high grades in the studies from girls are expected to be less in comparison than boys.

Role of Education in Dealing Social Issues

There is big role of the education to deal with the social issues in the country. Education helps in understanding the role of society and what are the responsibilities in the society that needs to be taken care of. It provides the knowledge to the students about how to analyze the social structure to improve and adopt appropriate social reforms.

With the great importance of education in the society, it plays important part in preventing crime and inequalities. By providing sufficient support and resources to the student, education is the vital to engage young people with learning so that they can develop their full potential.

Education also adds to the growth in economy of the country by uplifting the students’ skills and knowledge in the society. Hus, it helps to build better society and in turn better nation by enlightenment of the student through knowledge and experience.

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