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In the ever-evolving field of organizational development, change management plays a crucial role. Kirkpatrick’s Theory of Change Management, developed by Donald L. Kirkpatrick, is a widely recognized framework for evaluating the effectiveness of training interventions. This essay provides a sample of an essay that UK students can refer to when exploring this topic.

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Solved Essay Example: Theory of Kirkpatrick’s Reactions to Change (2001)

Change management is a critical aspect of organizational success, requiring effective evaluation methods to assess the impact of initiatives and training programs. Kirkpatrick’s Theory of Change Management, developed by Donald L. Kirkpatrick, provides a widely recognized framework for evaluating the effectiveness of training interventions. This essay explores the importance of Kirkpatrick’s model, its limitations, benefits, and offers a critique of its evaluation approach.

Importance of Kirkpatrick’s Model 

Kirkpatrick’s Theory of Change Management holds significance in the field of organizational development due to its systematic approach to evaluating training programs. The model emphasizes the need to assess the impact of training at multiple levels, allowing organizations to make informed decisions about program effectiveness, resource allocation, and improvement strategies. By considering four distinct levels of evaluation, the model enables organizations to gauge the value and relevance of training initiatives, ultimately leading to improved employee performance and organizational outcomes.

Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Training Evaluation:

  • Level 1: Reaction: This level assesses participants’ initial response to the training program, measuring their satisfaction, engagement, and perceived relevance. It helps determine the program’s ability to capture participants’ interest and establish a positive learning environment.
  • Level 2: Learning: This level focuses on evaluating the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired during the training program. It involves assessing participants’ comprehension, retention, and application of new concepts and competencies.
  • Level 3: Behavior: This level examines whether participants have implemented their newly acquired skills and knowledge in their workplace. It involves observing and measuring changes in behavior and performance resulting from the training.
  • Level 4: Results: The highest level of evaluation, this level measures the impact of training on organizational outcomes, such as increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, or reduced costs. It aims to determine the return on investment (ROI) and overall effectiveness of the training program.

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Limitations of Kirkpatrick’s Model

While the Kirkpatrick model has gained widespread recognition, it does have certain limitations that need to be acknowledged. 

  • One limitation is that it primarily focuses on evaluating the impact of training on individual performance, rather than considering the broader contextual factors that influence organizational change. 
  • Additionally, the model tends to prioritize quantitative metrics and may overlook the qualitative aspects of training evaluation, such as participants’ subjective experiences and perceptions. 
  • Another limitation is that Level 4 evaluation, measuring organizational results, can be challenging due to the complex nature of attributing outcomes solely to training.

Critique of Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model

One critique of Kirkpatrick’s model is its linear and sequential approach to evaluation. The model implies that evaluation should occur in a fixed order, progressing from Level 1 to Level 4. However, in practice, evaluation activities often overlap and are iterative, requiring flexibility and adaptability. Moreover, the model does not sufficiently address the ongoing nature of change management, which may require continuous evaluation and adjustment throughout the implementation process.

Pros and Cons of Kirkpatrick’s Model

The Kirkpatrick model offers several advantages. It provides a clear structure for evaluating training programs, allowing organizations to measure their impact and identify areas for improvement. The model’s four levels enable a comprehensive assessment of training effectiveness, addressing various aspects ranging from participant satisfaction to organizational outcomes. Furthermore, the model’s simplicity and ease of implementation make it accessible to organizations of different sizes and industries.

However, the model also has its drawbacks. The reliance on numerical ratings and surveys in Level 1 evaluation may not capture the full range of participants’ experiences and perceptions. The model’s emphasis on measuring outcomes may overshadow the process-oriented aspects of training, potentially neglecting valuable insights. Additionally, the model’s focus on evaluation may overshadow the importance of other change management activities, such as communication, leadership, and employee engagement.

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Benefits of Kirkpatrick’s Model

Despite its limitations, the Kirkpatrick model offers several benefits. It provides a common language and framework for evaluating training programs, facilitating communication and collaboration among stakeholders. The model promotes accountability and evidence-based decision-making, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and efficiently. Moreover, the model encourages organizations to consider the full spectrum of training impacts, from individual learning to organizational outcomes, thus promoting a holistic approach to change management.


Kirkpatrick’s Theory of Change Management has played a significant role in shaping the field of training evaluation and change management. While the model has its limitations, it offers a practical and accessible framework for organizations to assess the effectiveness of their training initiatives. By considering the four levels of evaluation, organizations can gain valuable insights into the impact of training on individual performance and organizational outcomes. However, it is crucial to recognize the model’s limitations and adapt it to suit the specific context and needs of each organization.

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