EENGM0004 Engineering Research Skills UOB Assignment Sample UK

EENGM0004 Engineering Research Skills is a course offered at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. This course is designed to equip engineering students with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct high-quality research within their field of study. The course aims to develop students’ abilities to critically analyze existing research, formulate research questions, design experiments, gather and analyze data, and effectively communicate their findings.

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Research Review for Individual Project: Aims, Literature Survey, and Project Plan


The purpose of this Research Review is to present a comprehensive overview of the aims and objectives of my Individual Project, demonstrate my ability to research and collate information, critique existing literature, explain the value of my project, and showcase my skills in structuring and writing a scientific report. This review will include a detailed literature survey, clearly defined project aims, and a well-thought-out project plan.

Literature Survey

To begin with, I conducted an extensive literature survey to explore the existing body of knowledge related to my Individual Project. The literature survey aimed to identify relevant research, theories, methodologies, and gaps in knowledge that my project can address. I consulted a wide range of scholarly sources, such as academic journals, conference papers, books, and reputable online databases. By analyzing and synthesizing this literature, I gained a deeper understanding of the subject matter and identified key areas for further investigation.

Critique of Existing Literature

Upon reviewing the existing literature, I critically analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of previous studies and identified gaps that my Individual Project intends to fill. I examined the methodologies employed, the limitations encountered, and the implications of the findings. By critiquing the literature, I aimed to build upon previous research and contribute to the existing body of knowledge in a meaningful way.

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Aims and Objectives

Based on the outcomes of the literature survey and critical analysis, I have formulated the following aims and objectives for my Individual Project:

  1. To investigate the impact of X on Y in the context of Z.
  2. To develop a novel framework for optimizing ABC process using XYZ techniques.
  3. To evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed framework through simulations and experiments.
  4. To analyze the results and draw meaningful conclusions regarding the potential applications and benefits of the proposed framework.

Value Addition of the Individual Project

My Individual Project aims to add value in several ways. Firstly, it will contribute to the existing body of knowledge by addressing the identified gaps in the literature. Secondly, the novel framework proposed in this project has the potential to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of ABC processes in the context of Z. Thirdly, the findings of this project can provide valuable insights and recommendations to industry professionals and researchers working in the field. By bridging the identified gaps and offering practical solutions, my project aims to make a significant contribution to the field of engineering.

Project Plan

To ensure the successful completion of my Individual Project, I have developed a detailed project plan that outlines the key milestones, activities, and timeline. The plan includes the following phases:

  1. Literature Review: Conduct a comprehensive literature review to gather relevant information and identify research gaps. (Duration: 2 weeks)
  2. Methodology Development: Design and develop a novel framework based on XYZ techniques for optimizing ABC processes. (Duration: 4 weeks)
  3. Simulations and Experiments: Implement the proposed framework, conduct simulations, and perform experiments to evaluate its feasibility and effectiveness. (Duration: 6 weeks)
  4. Data Analysis and Results: Analyze the collected data, interpret the results, and draw meaningful conclusions. (Duration: 2 weeks)
  5. Report Writing: Summarize the project findings, prepare a comprehensive scientific report, and document the research process. (Duration: 3 weeks)


This Research Review has provided an overview of the aims and objectives of my Individual Project, demonstrated my ability to research and collate information, critique existing literature, explain the value of my project, and showcased my skills in structuring and writing a comprehensive scientific report. The literature survey has identified gaps in the existing knowledge, which my project aims to address. The formulated aims and objectives outline the goals of the project, while the project plan establishes a clear roadmap for its successful completion. By undertaking this project, I aim to contribute to the field of engineering and advance the understanding of X, Y, and Z.

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