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The unit AENGM0010 Smart Materials, offered by UOB, serves as an introductory course that provides students with a foundational understanding of various smart materials, their capabilities, and their applications in solving engineering problems. The unit also incorporates the preparation of an individual research project proposal, which aims to foster several key skills and qualities in students.

One of the primary objectives of this unit is to encourage students to engage in extended reading and research on the broad and diverse subject of smart materials. By exploring a wide range of literature and resources, students develop a comprehensive understanding of the topic and its various aspects.

Moreover, the unit encourages students to consider the deconstruction of their research ideas into tasks and activities, fostering an understanding of project planning and resource management. This aspect prepares students to tackle research projects in a structured and organized manner, optimizing their efficiency and productivity.

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Assignment Task 1: Have a good working knowledge of the scientific principles and behavior of several current ‘smart’ material systems

To successfully complete this task, it is important to develop a solid understanding of various ‘smart’ material systems and their scientific principles. Here are the key steps involved:

  1. Research: Conduct thorough research on different types of ‘smart’ materials such as shape memory alloys, piezoelectric materials, shape memory polymers, electrochromic materials, or magnetostrictive materials. Understand their unique properties, behavior, and applications.
  2. Scientific Principles: Study the underlying scientific principles governing the behavior of these ‘smart’ materials. This may involve concepts from physics, chemistry, material science, or engineering disciplines. Focus on topics such as phase transitions, crystallography, electrical and mechanical properties, or molecular interactions.
  3. Behavior Analysis: Analyze the behavior of ‘smart’ materials under different stimuli or conditions. Investigate how they respond to changes in temperature, electric fields, magnetic fields, stress, or other external factors. Understand the mechanisms behind their reversible or irreversible transformations.
  4. Examples and Applications: Explore real-world examples and applications of ‘smart’ materials. Understand how they are utilized in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, biomedical, or consumer electronics. Consider their advantages, limitations, and potential future developments.

By acquiring a good working knowledge of the scientific principles and behavior of several current ‘smart’ material systems, you will be well-equipped to apply this knowledge in subsequent tasks.

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Assignment Task 2: Formulate and apply a ‘smart’ materials approach to solving an engineering need

In this task, you will apply the knowledge gained about ‘smart’ materials to address an engineering need. Here’s how to approach it:

  1. Identify an Engineering Need: Choose an engineering problem or challenge where the unique properties of ‘smart’ materials can offer potential solutions. It could be related to structural design, sensing and actuation, energy harvesting, or any other relevant application area.
  2. Research and Selection: Conduct further research to identify specific ‘smart’ materials that could address the identified engineering need. Consider their properties, compatibility with the application, and feasibility of implementation.
  3. Concept Development: Develop a conceptual design or approach that utilizes the selected ‘smart’ materials to solve the engineering need. Consider factors such as material integration, system compatibility, energy requirements, and reliability.
  4. Feasibility Assessment: Evaluate the feasibility of your proposed ‘smart’ materials approach. Consider factors such as cost, manufacturing considerations, scalability, and potential technical challenges. Assess the advantages and limitations of the proposed solution.
  5. Analysis and Validation: Use analytical tools, simulations, or prototyping techniques to validate the effectiveness of the ‘smart’ materials approach. Assess its performance, functionality, and potential impact on the engineering problem.

By formulating and applying a ‘smart’ materials approach to solving an engineering need, you demonstrate the practical application of your knowledge in a real-world context.

Assignment Task 3: Research, prepare, and communicate (both written and orally) a project proposal based on the development of a ‘smart’ approach to an engineering problem

In this task, you will create a project proposal based on the development of a ‘smart’ materials approach to address an engineering problem. Here’s how to approach it:

  1. Research: Conduct extensive research on the specific engineering problem and its relevance to the application of ‘smart’ materials. Understand the existing solutions, limitations, and potential areas for improvement.
  2. Proposal Preparation: Develop a project proposal that outlines the objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes of your proposed ‘smart’ materials approach. Include a detailed literature review, research methodology, and a timeline for project execution.
  3. Feasibility Assessment: Evaluate the feasibility of your proposed project. Consider factors such as available resources, technical expertise, potential collaborations, and any regulatory or ethical considerations.
  4. Written Communication: Prepare a well-structured and coherent written proposal that clearly communicates the research problem, the proposed ‘smart’ materials approach, and its potential impact. Use appropriate technical terminology and provide references to support your arguments.
  5. Oral Presentation: Prepare a concise and engaging oral presentation of your project proposal. Clearly articulate the problem, proposed approach, expected outcomes, and any challenges or risks involved. Use visual aids, such as slides or diagrams, to enhance your presentation.
  6. Q&A and Feedback: Be prepared to answer questions and engage in discussions about your project proposal. Actively seek feedback from your peers or instructors to improve your proposal further.

By conducting thorough research, preparing a comprehensive project proposal, and effectively communicating both in written and oral forms, you demonstrate your ability to carry out and present a research project focused on the development of a ‘smart’ materials approach to solving an engineering problem.

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