Your manager has asked you to prepare a presentation in readiness for delivery to the HR Team at the next Team Day: Organisational Culture and Conflict Assignment, UOA, UK

University University of Aberdeen (UOA)
Subject Organisational Culture and Conflict


Your manager has asked you to prepare a presentation in readiness for delivery to the HR Team at the next Team Day. The aim of the presentation, entitled ‘The Business Environment’ is for team members to gain a general understanding of their organization’s business environment and the key issues that can affect this.

Your presentation (which you are not required to deliver) can be based on your own organization or one(s) that you are familiar with, and should include the following:

  • (AC 1.1)Application of an analysis tool (such as PESTLE) to examine the key external forces impacting or likely to impact an organization’s activities. (Explain about DWP sector and market in which the organization operates as part of the answer.  ONLY choose the main aspects for each area in PESTLE, don’t cover them all. Choose what is pertinent to the organization, just a couple of sentences, Pick one impact)
    • Examine the key external influences that impact business environments:

External forces that impact an organization’s current and future activities. For example, the findings of STEEPLE, SWOT analysis to inform understanding of the market(s) in which the organization operates.

  • (AC 1.2)An explanation of an organization’s business goals and why it is important for organisations to plan for how they will achieve these. Your explanation should include examples of planning, such as how a business has been structured or specific policies introduced or people practices followed, in order for business goals to be achieved. (@ At least two organizational goals, one long term, and one short term, when presenting these goals must use the SMART GOALS model. Discuss why it is important for an organization to plan and express its own ideas and opinions on why planning is vital for business continuity and success.  Could also include how organization plans to achieve goals and examples of policies and people practices followed)
    • Discuss organizational goals and why it is important for organizations to plan.

The organization’s long- and short-term vision and goals, type of business, structure, documentation,

and employment climate. How the organization informs and determines its objectives and planning and

how these link to the policy and people practices. Why planning is necessary for business continuity.

  • (AC 1.3)An explanation of an organization’s products and/or services and main customers.
    • Discuss the products and/or services the organization delivers, including who the main customers are.

Identification of the products and services that the organization offers; the market within which it operates and the customers it serves; customer needs analysis; the difference between features and benefits; types of the business market, for example, agency, direct, wholesale, online; market segmentation.

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