You have recently been appointed as a junior analyst in the Business Intelligence outsourcing company: Business Decision Making, Report, UK

Subject Business Decision Making


You have recently been appointed as a junior analyst in the Business Intelligence outsourcing company called “Wisdomocity”. They provide business intelligence support to SME’s in your country.

Their method of operation is to send in a small observation team to work alongside the business decision makers for 3 weeks which is followed by an advisory report and the development of a business decision making support tool using commercial software.

Before you are permitted to go on site to a client you have been asked to develop your skills by selecting an organization of your choice and writing a report explaining its business processes and supporting processes

Activity 1 LO1 – LO2

Your manager has asked you to develop a report that provides information regarding the selected organisation, the size of organisation in terms of number of employees and understand the costing of the employees.

Moreover, your employer has asked you to highlight where the business operates (geographical locations). It is important that you provide examples of products services and give explanation of a business process and supporting process.

Your employer wants to understand your level of understanding related to data classification, you are required to develop a comprehensive table that covers differences between structured, semi structured and unstructured data. It is important to keep the context in mind while highlighting these factors. You are going to visit the client and make a 15-minute sales presentation to the appropriate member of the board of directors.

Your presentation will include images and speaker notes. Your goal is to convince the board to employ you to develop Business intelligence tools for them.

You will evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of using application software for business intelligence. You will compare and contrast a range of modern more popular information systems and technologies that can be used to support organisations at operational, tactical and strategic levels.

discuss how business intelligence tools can contribute to effective decision-making You will compare the types of support available for business decision-making at varying levels within an organisation and justify, with specific examples, the key features of business intelligence functionality.

Your presentation will include examples of other organisations who have taken advantage of business intelligence tools, describing the reasons they used them, and the benefits they got

Activity 2 LO3 and LO4

Your employer has asked you to identify the specific task that can be solved using a business intelligence tool and locate suitable sample data.

Firstly, you are required to create a business intelligence application using suitable data.

Secondly produce a report describing the development and value of the tool. For this task you will define the specific task that can be solved using a business intelligence tool.

You are required to explain how your tool can be used to support business processes. Moreover, you will need to explore legal issues involved in the secure exploitation of business intelligence tools.

You will provide user notes explaining how the tool can be used along with a summary of the legal and ethical compliance issues.

Your report will include an evaluation of how using your tool could make the company more competitive by giving examples from your research of companies that have successfully used business intelligence Lastly your employer has asked to present your sales pitch to an appropriate audience and include either a live demonstration or a pre-recorded video of your enhanced tool

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