You have been given the brief to produce an interpretative geotechnical report on the ground investigation data that you have been allocated: Soil mechanics , Coursework, UOP,UK

University University Of Portsmouth (UOP)
Subject Soil mechanics


One of the key roles of an applied geologist is to process the data emanating from a site investigation and to produce an interpretative report from the ground investigation and desk study data.

The report will generally consist of a geological appreciation of the project area together with a geotechnical characterization of the strata encountered leading to engineering recommendations for design and construction.

The report must be clear and concise and unambiguous and not open to misinterpretation by another party using the report during the construction phase. If the report is ambiguous then claims can arise with costly consequences.

The interpretative report will provide an engineering assessment of the ground conditions in relation to the proposed works. This coursework descriptor and the marking schedule should be read in conjunction with the Feed Forward document also contained in this folder.


Data has been provided from the University of Portsmouth Dental Outreach Center ground investigation undertaken by CJ Associates, in October 2008. The investigation was carried out for the University of Portsmouth who were extending the current Dental Facilities.

The site is located in along the eastern boundary of Raelyn Park and is bounded by Hampshire Terrace to the east and the existing Dental School to the west.

A number of exploratory boreholes holes, dynamic penetration holes and window sampling holes have been excavated at the site and a soil sampling and testing programmed implemented.

Coursework Assignment

You have been given the brief to produce an interpretative geotechnical report on the ground investigation data that you have been allocated. The report will consist of a series of plots, long sections, and commentaries that you will compile and interpret from that data.

The raw data can be found as pdf files on the course Moodle page. You will need to print out the pdf files to work on. You must use all of the test data for your geotechnical characterization.

Any uncertainty, please see me immediately. There are also a number of photographs and video clips taken during the ground investigation at the site.

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