You are working as a network engineer in an IT company You have been assigned to design and implement a network infrastructure: Computer Networks and Network Design Assignment, MUL, UK

University Middlesex University London(MUL)
Subject Computer Networks and Network Design

Module title: Network Design and Troubleshooting


You are working as a network engineer in an IT company. You have been assigned to design and implement a network infrastructure for a small company called price- The company consists of 4 departments Human Resource, Finance, Sales and Admin.

In addition, the network consists of four Servers; web, email, dns, and common file server, which control and hold IoT information about temperature, door, sensors etc… All servers are shared between all users. Table 1 below describes the distribution of workstations for which the company administration team decided to provide a wireless accessible by all staff using their own wireless device such as smartphone to access the internet.

The IT director emphasised scalability, availability and hence you are required to provide a complete network infrastructure design and implementation. The company will be using a private IP address within LAN as the company network availability, scalability and security are very important. The wireless network IP address is

Task / Deliverables

Produce a report and a network simulation file that demonstrate a complete solution to the above scenario including:  Analyse the requirements of this scenario evaluating suitable network model and components to design a network infrastructure featuring scalability, availability and security. Discuss the option(s) you have chosen and their suitability to the scenario given. Use current literature to support your arguments.

  • Based on your analysis, you are required to apply the appropriate configuration for the selected technologies. Justify your choices and evaluate
    their efficiency.
  • Demonstrate the success and application of all network technology employed in the solution. You must use screenshots as evidence
  • Discuss, evaluate and apply the necessary network monitoring tools and
    produce a suitable test and documentation for network maintenance, screenshot as evidence of network testing. Use current literature to support
    your arguments

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