You are applying for a job as a junior in-house lawyer at a fashion house. To evaluate your expertise: Consumer and Intellectual Property law Assignment, UOL, UK

University University of London (UOL)

You are applying for a job as a junior in-house lawyer at a fashion house. To evaluate your expertise, you are required to present the following generic documents to the company:

Part A

  1. What are the main principles that affect the legal relationship between business organizations and their consumers? (LO1)

Part B

  1. What are the legal rules on consumer credit agreements? Explain. (LO2)

Part C

Illegal file-sharing has been a thorn in the side of the entertainment industry and artists in a wider sense for some time.  There are many instances where legal action has been raised in the civil courts against individuals (and sometimes Internet Service Providers) pursuing civil remedies like injunctions or damages. More recently, governments and international organisations have considered different approaches ranging from ‘Three-strikes-and-you’re-out’ policies and using criminal courts to pursue infringers, as well as owners of websites who facilitate file-sharing (e.g., Pirate Bay).  In addition, governments are increasingly collaborating in their exploration of legislation under the guise of international trade to tackle illegal file-sharing. Considering both national and international legal developments in copyright law, critically analyse how the ‘copyright piracy’ phenomenon can best be addressed by copyright law.

  1. With detailed reference to appropriate case Law, draft a handbook that critically evaluates all the principles and main elements of Intellectual Property. (LO3)

Part D

You have now been hired. Your client is an Italian fashion house, which has recently opened branches in London and Luton. Their products are expensive and have become associated with luxurious and extravagant living. Their brand name has been registered as a trade mark for clothing, fashion accessories and cosmetics. An unconnected company has recently started marketing furniture under the same name as your client’s brand name. Furthermore, another unconnected company has opened a show room for expensive sports cars under this name.

Critically evaluate the law that the Italian fashion house can rely upon to prevent these two unconnected companies from using your client’s brand name. (LO4)

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