You are an ethical consultant Prepare an ‘ethical audit’ of an organization of your choice: Corporate Responsibility Assignment, UOY, UK

University University of York (UOY)
Subject Corporate Responsibility

You are an ethical consultant. Prepare an ‘ethical audit’ of an organization of your choice. This entails a critical evaluation of the following:

  1. The organization’s approach to Corporate Governance.
  2. The organization’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  3. The organization’s approach to Sustainability.

For Corporate Governance, you will find it useful to use the specialist literature and Chapter 6 of Crane and Matten and to refer to the UK Governance Code or similar guidance. You will need to research sources such as the company’s annual reports and website to find relevant information.

If evaluating Corporate Governance the report should critically consider whether the good practice is being followed using the UK current Corporate Governance Code as a guide (e.g. Director’s Contracts and remuneration, the role of Chairman, Committee Structure, etc.)

For Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) you may find Carroll’s pyramid model useful in framing your answer.

If analyzing its approach to CSR, students should look beyond the claims of the organization and appraise actual activities: are the claimed current values of the organization ‘socially responsible?’’; Is the organization acting in practice consistently with its claimed values?

To critically appraise the organization’s systems and processes for its Management of Business Ethics, Chapter 5 of Crane and Matten has some useful concepts for the basis of an analysis.

If analyzing the management of ethics examine both current and potential methods and formal and informal issues. For Sustainability, you may find the “triple bottom line” model useful to frame your answer.

When analyzing its approach to Sustainability, students should look beyond the claims of the organization and appraise actual activities using independent sources.

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