W330: You should write in formal English and take care to ensure that your language is grammatically correct: European Union law Assignment, OU, UK

University The Open University (OU)
Subject W330: European Union law

You should write in formal English and take care to ensure that your language is grammatically correct. Your work should be arranged into paragraphs and you should only be using bullet points and other types of lists where necessary.

You can use headings and sub-headings where you find appropriate. The questions are asking you to draw on your knowledge and understanding and might require independent research. In particular, you should note that

covers more than one area of the law. You may draw on material outside this module as some questions require you to look at a much wider understanding of European Union law and its legal framework.

Its business includes social networking services that allow classified ads and it also develops and manufactures online games. It has its headquarters in Gronehaven Kronborg. It has subsidiaries in the many Member States of the European Union, but not in any of the Baltic states or Sweden. Generality wants to sell a range of its online games to retail shops in Latvia.

In order to break into the local market, Generality wants to contractually require a group of Latvian supermarkets, based in rural areas of Latvia, to sell the games in its stores at introductory discounts of 40% below their recommended retail price.

Generality is also funding an advertising campaign on television in Latvia to promote the games. Latvia has national laws which prevent suppliers from offering discounts of more than 25% to supermarkets as well as national laws which prevent the advertising of games that contain violence on television.

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