Using the TNC Control boards, write a manual program in the Heidenhain language using the provided drawings: General Engineering Assignment, PC, UK

University Preston College (PC)
Subject General Engineering

Using the TNC Control boards, write a manual program in the Heidenhain language using the provided drawings. The program should be simulated on a computer to ensure there are no collisions or errors.

Consideration needs to be given to the tools required and also any work-holding devices to securely mount the stock material during the machining process, the method chosen should not interfere with any machine functions such as the tool change system or tool measuring device.

Create a machine tool setup sheet for a component outlined by the customer. The documentation should be as detailed as possible outlining the key tool characteristics, below are only a few of what should be considered.

  • Cutter Type
  • Cutter Material
  • Cutter Diameter
  • Number of Flutes
  • Cutter Radius

The process should be optimized to a high standard and submitted for approval and presented with all relevant paperwork such as a tool setup sheet and a document that explains any key features in the program such as;

  • Special Code
  • X, Y, and Z axis directions
  • Cutter Feed and Speed selection

Environmental policies play a large role in the Machining business and require you to dispose of any contaminated waste responsibly, failure to do so could lead to large fines and bad Public Relations. Explain, with the use of photos, where any waste material is stored and how it is dealt with, and list other ways you can be environmentally considerate whilst in the workshop such as;

  • Using on-screen simulations
  • Re-using scrap metal for proving purposes

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