UBLM7915M: Your organization has been appointed a client-side Project Management consultant for this proposed project: Construction Project Management Practice Assignment, UWE, UK

University University of the West of England (UWE)
Subject UBLM7915M: Construction Project Management Practice


For the purposes of this exercise, assume that this project is at the inception stage and the need for this project has only just been identified.

Briefing for proposed Radisson Blu Hotel

The derelict Hewlett Packard site near the Frenchay Campus of the University of the West of England is to be demolished and replaced by a new nine-story 150-room hotel in a major redevelopment project.

The development has been hailed as a major revamp of the city’s north-eastern quarter. The development is being undertaken by a private development company who intend to market the new hotel as a Radisson Blu Hotel. They are at present developing plans to enable them to start construction a year from now.

Besides the construction of the 150-room hotel, the project also encompasses an ancillary Gymnasium and Conference /Banqueting facilities, and a multi-story car park.

It is the intention of the developer to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating and make the hotel and its operations highly sustainable.


Your organization has been appointed a client-side Project Management consultant for this proposed project and you are required to develop a strategy for presentation to the client detailing how they can realize this project, the risks, and how you will manage the project.

The only information available to the client has estimated land cost and Demolition costs for the derelict building on the land. Make all other assumptions based on sound judgment and research. According to the client when doing your cost estimation you can assume the operational costs of a multi-story car park are the same as an underground car park.


Setting out the context and how to manage the key project issues and evaluating their interconnection with client objectives, stakeholders, and theory.

  • Rationalize and justify the choices you have made in the context of
    (1) Funding and optimum value;
    (2) Project timescale and sequences;
    (3) Risk management;
    (4) Organizational and communication strategy;
    (5) Stakeholder management; and of theoretical concepts, you have applied.
  • Full academic and technical references and case studies are needed to support your report.

Project execution plan (PEP) information which shows:

  • Funding choices/sources and value analysis i.e. a Whole life cycle costing with a cost-benefit analysis the table breaks down estimated costs and income for the project.
  • Linked life cycle program.
  • Comprehensive risk register and risk management strategy table. The entries in the table should justify the rationale of the registered priority and the management of risk. Also, consider H&S risks.
  • A project organizational structure showing key roles/responsibilities and communication mechanisms to ensure effective management of the project.
  • Stakeholder management strategy based on the identification of all relevant stakeholders and justification of their respective management strategies based on their relationship with the proposed project.

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